Wednesday, April 21, 2010

M4M Red Hair Coloring Tutorial

Hi There, it's Wednesday, which means it's Mad For Markers Day. So here is my Red Hair Coloring tutorial that I have put together for M4M. Now I do have to add that I am not Copic Certified, although in only a few short weeks I will be certified as I have got a spot in the very first Certification class being held in Melbourne next month...YAY!!!! I am sooooo excited and can't wait. Now back to my tutorial, sorry just had to share my very exciting this is just the way that I color my Red heads, there are plenty of different color combos you can use, but this is the one that I use.

Copic Colors Used
E09, E08, E17

So first up take your E09 and color a small section of the top and bottom of the fringe, like in the photo below. Then still using you E09 put a little bit of color through the rest of the hair. As this is your darkest color I used it to add color where you would get shadow at the back of the neck.

Next up take your E17 and color a little more of the top and bottom of your fringe, like in the photo below. And then again add some more color into the rest of the hair. I tend to stay close to where I have put the E09. See the photo below.

Next up take your E08 and color the rest of the top and bottom of the fringe, leaving a small line of white across the middle of the fringe, like in the photo below. Then still using your E08 color the rest of the hair blending as you go. I like to blend using small circles. After you have finished blending go back with your white gel pen and add in some highlights through the back of the hair.

So there you have your finished Red Head. I have to admit that this is my all time favourite Red combo. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and if you have any qestions please feel free to ask away. Also if you head over to the Mad For Markers Store, the amazing Sammi has my Red Hair colors on special for the rest of this week, so pop on over and grab them if you don't have them!
Have a great Wednesday and Happy Coloring!


  1. Great tutorial Em. I love red hair. Might have to get the E17 so I can do some red hair.

  2. Red hair, mmm who does that remind me of lol! Great tutorial Emma, take careX:)

  3. This tutorial is so helpful Emma. Very easy to understand and looks amazing. Thanks so much for sharing. I've left you some extra "love" over at the M4M blog. Have a great day hugs xo Jackie

  4. And, such a great red head she is!! ;o)
    Everyone is going to love and appreciate this fab tutorial! Great job Emma!

    As for the rainbow hair colors you asked about, I will email it to you. :o)

  5. Hi Emma, I love your tutorial! Gosh how do you get time to scrap with all your kiddies lol? Can't wait to meet you at the Copics Class :o)

  6. Love a great red head! Great colouring, thanks for the tute.

    :) Marcia

  7. hi Emma i love the hair and i like how it has the white bits bye Rosanna


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