Friday, January 25, 2013

My first shadow box!

Well I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a nice break if you managed to go away! We managed to get away for a couple of weeks camping.

I made this shadow box a couple of months ago for my hubby for our wedding anniversary, I have never made one before but it was actually a lot of fun doing something different and he really loved it.

Shocking as it is to say this, there are NO copics in this creation...haha! Sometimes it is nice to have a break from coloring and do something different!

Well I had lost a bit of my crafty mojo this last couple of months, but it seems I have found it again and have started coloring again, so I should have some more to show very soon!


  1. OMG Emma, I can't believe this is your first shadowbox!! Great job chicky!

  2. This is beautiful Emma! I'm glad you got to take a little break it sounds like it did your mojo good :). Can't wait to see what you've been coloring! Hugs, Katie

  3. It looks AWESOME .. of course he loved it!! :D

  4. This is beautiful. For someone who has not made a shadowbox before you've done a fantastic job for your first one. I love how you have embellished, as I love flowers. This is a great inspiration. Cheers FiLoMa

  5. I just love seeing pictures of you and your husband. I think it is so cute that you both look so in love with each other. My hubby is in love with me, but her hates to have his picture taken, and so if we are hugging and the kids bring out the camera he instantly lets go and will actually walk away. What a turkey, .lol... Great shadow box! I love all the detail that you have put in this. I think this is a great idea and maybe I'll try to get Jerry to be nice for just one picture so I can make him one for our Anniversary this April as it will be our 20th. Hugs, Lisa


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