Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Finally a new creation and some very EXCITING news!

Hi there, well hopefully there are still people reading this as I have been just a tad bit neglectful of my poor blog lately, but I promise you it is all for a Fantastic reason! It seems that I am going to need to change my blog name from Crafty Mummy 2 five, to Crafty Mummy 2 six! Yep thats right......


After quite a while trying I am soooo excited to announce that baby #6 is on its way! So therefore I have been suffering with pretty bad morning sickness and haven't been doing very much of anything, especially crafting, but I am slowly feeling better and have even completed a few projects lol! Speaking of which.........

Over in the Odd Girl Ning group they are having an ODD IDOL competition and I have made a card to enter, there is an Amazing Prize for the overall winner, which will run over a series of rounds, so fingers crossed...haha!

Anyway I hope everyone is enjoying their morning!