Monday, September 5, 2011

How crafty are my kids!

It was birthday at the end of July and I have been meaning to show you all the Gorgeous Cards that my older two made for me. They sure are creating some gorgeous cards!

This first card is by my oldest. He is 11 and has only just started to use my Copics, but he is picking it up so quickly. I was so impressed when he gave it to me.

This second card was done by my oldest daughter, who is 10. She has been using my Copics for a while and she is actually really good now. I mean look at that hair, pretty cool huh! 

Do you think they both know that my favourite color is Pink... hehe! Pretty obvious hey! Anyway just wanted to show off how very talented these guys are!

Plus I was a very lucky girl and got an iphone for my birthday. I HAVE been nagging my hubby for one for about the last few months and I was very excited when I got one for my birthday. I have to say that I LOVE it. It is so much fun and I am totally addicted to Words with Friends, love it...hehe!

If anyone has any awesome apps they have and would like to share I would love to know what ones are your faves!


  1. OMGOODNESS Emma- your children are amazing! What beautiful cards your children created, they are definitely taking after their mum! Give them hugs for me and tell them that Jess from TGF is linking up your blog on our Facebook page...these are fantastic!!! <3

  2. Wow! Very very nice! You do indeed have very crafty, and talented, kids!

  3. Oh WOW!!!!! You are an awesome teacher Em they are both such gorgeous cards!! B & E have both coloured the images so beautifully! Tell them they can have a DT spot any day - haha :)
    Who would have thought they'd think to make a PINK card lol! xxx

  4. Happy Late Birthday Emma! I think that both your oldest Children take after their Mom when it comes to talent. My goodness, both your Son and Daugher have done such a great job with the hair. What I noticed in addition to the great coloring abilities is that they both know what they are doing when it comes to putting a card together. I am sure that you are very PROUD of them and I can see why. I am happy to hear that you got an iphone for your Birthday. I don't have one yet, I am trying cut down on bills to give our budget a little more wiggle room, so for a little while we have gone back to the old fashion phones where we can IM and call. It works, but not as fun. lol.... Hugs, Lisa

  5. Oh wow Emma you have a couple of talented kiddies.

  6. Super cute cards! Your kiddos are so very talented! Just like their Mommy :)
    Happy belated birthday to you!
    hugs, margie

  7. You have very talented boys! I love the fact that they can go into your stuff and come out with something so wonderful that you will cherish for years. My oldest grandson is 4 1/2 and we try to spend a little time in the stamp room every time he is over. He loves making cards for his mom. He stamps and punches right now. My daughter almost started to cry from receiving the first one after she had an operation. Kids love to create and giving them the opportunity makes them a richer person. tfs Tami

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