Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ella's Pinto Pony!

This card was done by my 9 year old daughter Ella. I was coloring up a Pinto Pony and she decided to color one as well, except she has got hers finished and mine is still sitting there. I showed her an example of Pinto Pony by Heather and well she loved it and wanted to create her very own Rainbow Pony!  I told her how fantastic it looked and that I would show it on my blog, as it really is really cool, she got very excited. So here is Ella's Pinto Pony! Hasn't she done an AMAZING job!


  1. Oh wow! that is just so sweet! Love all the colours! :D Great colouring Ella!

  2. What an awesome card Ella! Wow, you're on your way to a DT Hun!!

  3. Your card is fantastic, Ella! Like mother, like daughter :-)! I love your rainbow Pony and all the wonderful colours of your card! Hugs from France, Delphine xx

  4. Beautiful rainbow Pinto Pony, love the vibrant colours you have used, pretty layout to, well done! Annette X:)


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