Friday, January 15, 2010

HELP!! I am Addicted!

Well I think I can offically say that I am addicted to TGF Stamps. I think if you get up in the middle of the night waiting for the TGF Farmers Market, which means discounted stamps, then you must have to be slightly nutty or just a TGF Stamps addict. So needless to say I now have a heap of new TGF stamps that will make there way to me very soon, can't wait!!
"Hello, my name is Emma and I am addicted to TGF Stamps! LOL!! But they are just so darned cute!
Anyway I now have a dilema of where to store them all. I was wondering those of you out there that have TGF Stamps or Magnolias, how do you store them? I would love to hear how you have them stored! I currently have them in a clear container, although there are always a few of them scattered on my desk. But I was thinking maybe they would be better off in a folder or something.

Anyway better go and finish making my Lasange for tea. The sauce is cooking away, but I need to make the white sauce and then put it all together. I think a glass of wine might be in order to help the chef!!!

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  1. Hi my name is Kristy and I too am addicted to TGF stamps hahah! I now have 27 in my collection and I stayed up until 3am for the farmers market {on the wrong night bahaha}
    Kristy x


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